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EEZi-BIND 200, modified polyurethane for rubber binding in applications of playgrounds, rubber mats, stables and sports fields.

Recreational. Construction and D.I.Y

AQUA-LAM, liquid laminate for signage industry onto vinyl and tarpaulins. Enhances colour and protects the prints from the elements, chemicals and abrasion. Also ideal for boat covers and gazebo’s.


AQUA-LURE, water-based PUD for protective coatings on fishing lures.


EEZi-RUSTGONE, is an excellent rust converter. Not only is it used for converting rust but it’s an excellent surface treatment for galvanised roofs and sheeting prior to coating. It also makes an excellent concrete cleaner prior to painting as it has the ability to stabilise the calcium phosphate.

Construction, Industrial and D.I.Y