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Merbenit range of SMP adhesives and sealants for windscreens, panels, fixtures, glazing, seams, air ventilation ducts, food safe applications, etc. Has excellent adhesion to a wide array of surfaces and a wide range of strength, high tack, drying times and elongation.

For Automotive, marine, construction, signage, D.I.Y and industrial applications, (click here for product listing…)

HM-Flex is High Modulus Polyurethane Adhesive Sealant for construction and joint sealing, bus, truck and coach sealing. Industrial sealing and bonding. Can be over painted and has excellent adhesion to a wide array of surfaces.

For Automotive, construction, signage and industrial applications.

Gomastit range of adhesives and sealants for bonding panels and fixtures, glazing products and construction and joint sealants with food safe certification.

Construction and industrial applications.

Comen’s high strength Polyurethane adhesives for window bonding, panel bonding. Comen’s construction and joint sealants have excellent adhesion to a large variety of surfaces.

For Automotive, construction and industrial applications.

EEZi-ACRYLICSEAL, single part, thixotropic acrylic sealant for low movement applications. Also idea to fill voids and crevices prior to coating.

For construction and D.I.Y applications.